Friday, August 18, 2006

please pray for me

What a whirlwind the last week has been! I moved out of one house, into another, and then into another! Tomorrow I move the rest of my things in, but I officially have a new house. I will be here for a year, which is a great feeling. I can't wait to finish settling in and making it home. The Lord has moved in incredible ways to provide this apartment and great roommates. I can't wait to get pictures of us and our new place up.

But it hasn't just been a moving induced whirlwind. My heart has been all over the place. As I have continued to seek the Lord during this time of support raising I have been trying to determine His will. Does He want me to join staff with Campus Crusade after this year? Does He want me to teach? Does He want me to work for a church? Something totally different? I have no idea, but I want to follow His will. I was thinking last night that part of me does want to know for the sake of knowing, but a large part of me wants to know because I want to honor Him. I want my choices and my decisions to be glorifying to Him. And with support being so difficult this time around I am feeling that desire even more. I suppose I question whether or not He wants me here this year...or if my support being so low is an indicator of Him not wanting me here. Yet my heart leaps when I think about working with this ministry!

Perhaps all of that is to ask for prayer. Would you pray with me that the Lord would calm my heart and speak truth into my life? I want so badly to be walking in His will, to be hearing His heart speak to mine. Please also pray that He would bring in my support or make it obvious that He has other plans for me. I am not quite sure why, but the last hour or so it has felt very important to me to ask for prayer for myself. We will see what the next few days bring! Thanks for praying.


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