Monday, October 29, 2007

I just found a worship song in Spanish that is dear to my heart. It warms my heart to remember Mexico and the ways the Lord used that to radically change my life. Thank you, Father, for your mercy and goodness.

I've been having a hard time with relationships in my life lately. I know, it's a pattern. Someday I will be refined and will know what it is to have healthy relationships! In the meantime I am in this "process" and I don't like it.

Here are some things I am learning in the middle of this time:

-It is foolish to flatter people, it is wise to speak truth to them. This is both for me speaking to other people, but also for people speaking to me. I think I have finally learned this in regards to talking to my friends, but I am just beginning to see the value of it from other people to me. Especially when those people are close, both physically and emotionally, and the last thing I want to hear is something I have done wrong. But it is wise. It is refining. It is humbling, if I let it be.

-The Lord has to be my sustainer. I must be centered on Him or else the winds push me right on over. If I'm connected to Him and my security is in Him, then things people say will point me closer to Him. And if I'm connected to Him, whatever happens each day will not crush me (i.e. support appointments or lack there of, relationship difficulties, running out of gas with $1.72 in your pocket). But life is so much more rich when I remain connected to the Vine.

Okay, enough rambling. Thanks for reading, dear ones.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gracias a Dios

[field trip to the museum
an hour long rest time
something fun in the mail today
my new water bottle
tim finn
awanas tonight
my new bike helmet
walk to the park with zeke and hartlee today
babysitting job tomorrow]

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Superman woke me up today

This morning I woke up way early, so I turned my light on and read for an hour or two. After awhile I hear the faintest knocking on my door. I pretend to not hear it, hoping whoever it was would just go away. After a little bit I hear the door slide open so I close my eyes and pretend to be asleep. Then I hear Zeke whisper to Hartlee "I think Amy might be dead". And to that I couldn't help but crack up. So I lean up and say "I'm not dead, I'm sleeping" which apparently to Zeke (dressed in a superman costume) means "Please climb up into my bed" so he did just that. I just kind of looked at him with that "I can't actually believe this is happening" look but it went right over his 4 year old head. So he climbs right over me to the far side of the bed and slips right under the covers! I said to him that I needed some space and he just stared at me. So I said it again, a little firmer, and he climbed out of my bed. Hartlee had followed him in and I said "what are you guys doing anyway?" and she informed me that they were here to play in the great room (the living room right next to my bedroom). Then Zeke put his hand on the small of Hartlee's back, leading her out of my room, and turned back to say to me "Aim, we'll give you some space and when you are ready you can come out and play with us". HA! He cracks me up.

Yesterday Hartlee informed us at dinner that she had something stuck in her teeth. So she digs around for awhile then finally says "Oh! I got it out! It was just a little fella".

Thursday, October 04, 2007

i'm thankful for:

tattered cover bookstore.
zephaniah 3.
this sweater i am wearing.
michigan in a week and a half.
bev tomorrow.
bev tomorrow.
bev tomorrow.
the cranberries.
snow coming soon.
my red dishes, even if they are in storage with the rest of my things.
someday i will get to be in missouri, in my own house, with my red dishes, and i can leave my shoes out if i want, and i can burn a candle if i want, and i can talk on the phone wherever i want.

ugh. i'm not feeling very thankful today. i know that there are times that making a thankful list helps get rid of an unthankful heart. in mexico streit and i would walk around making grateful lists when we were grumpy and it usually ended up with us laughing that deep guy laugh. the cackle one. anyway, today it didn't really help. i still don't feel thankful.

though, i did spend time at tattered cover today and that helped. in fact, i thought it helped a lot and i was excited to share it but then, as it turns out, that won't work out as planned. i spend so much energy trying to convince myself that it is worth it to talk about it, to bring things up, that it is the right thing to do......but the littlest thing will thwart the whole plan. a scratch on the secretary, a phone call, a bug. boo.

well, that's all i got. back to doing something very important, if i could just find something important to do.

Monday, October 01, 2007


i'm sure it WON'T, but it's at least in the forecast, which means WINTER IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!!!