Saturday, September 06, 2008

Soccer for 5 year olds

In my head, soccer games for children were wrought with over aggressive parents who make their children feel like losers if they fail. So today, when I decided to surprise Jack who I babysit at his first soccer game, I was prepared for the worst. In fact, I loaded up with starbucks first, so at least I would be happy if no one else was.

I walk onto the field and there are 4 games going on....I quickly realize there are clearly older children playing to the left, and short children playing to the right. I start walking past fields of children who are clearly playing a sport with organization and skill. When I reach the end, I see a field full of blobs of children running, kicking, and falling. Ahhhh....5 year olds playing soccer.

I then proceeded to laugh....and laughed for about an hour until the game was over. They form this blob, which roams around the field following a ball until someone a) trips and lands on the ball, b) kicks it into a goal, c) starts crying. It was the funniest thing ever. What a joy to start my day out with this.

Now I'm going to go finish my support....maybe! I only need about $1400 a month! woohoo!!!

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