Monday, April 28, 2008

surprise! here i am, still awake at 10:49. i have not been sleeping well (maybe because i've fallen into the habit of taking two hour naps every day) and so part of me wants to wait until i just can't keep my eyes open before crawling into bed. although, my sheets are looking pretty amazing right now....

but before i snooze, i wanted to be thankful.

my new staff training darlings
that ice cream
my tattoos, as previously noted
my messy room
hartlee's sweet hugs at dinner
a bath
mother's day bath salts that karen gave me
gin and tonic (knee)
yikes. today was a struggle for thankfulness. perhaps i should go meet with the Lord of Hosts.

1 comment:

tams said...

your rat.
Good to see you yesterday. how did it go at church last night?