Friday, August 10, 2007

I need you!

Often three year old Hartlee, who I live with now, will say "Amy, I need you" but then won't actually need me. It is her way of saying "I love you". She just doesn't quite have the communication skills for that yet! It's really cute!

I, however, both love you and need you ;)

Please pray for these things:

-that God would bring people my age into my life here in Denver to hang out with
-for my support to come in quickly
-that I would work diligently on my support
-that life would settle into "normal" - it just feels so unsettled right now

Thank you friends!


tams said...

Hey Birthday girl,
Love you! When do I get to see you?
What are you doing Monday night?

John ate Peyote said...

I am going to pray that, someone else will pray that, you are going to work diligently on your support! (Just kidding) Is this the same as praying that you will pass an exam when, it is really a matter of how much you study?

No matter, I hope your support comes quickly and that you work hard on it. Keep us updated.